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Printer Ink? Nah

Organising and hosting a traditional live quiz isn’t trivial. 🙈
After cobbling together questions in a word processor, there’s the printing, the paper, the pens, the spare pens - you get it. Seasoned quizmasters will agree it can be a right pain in the proverbial.

Let's look at how Engagewall solves all that in 3 easy steps.


Create a Quiz

Create a quiz using Engagewall's online experience editor.


Invite Audience

Share your unique quiz link for guests to open using their smartphone browser.


Host Quiz

Use the experience editor to control what question your guests can interact with in realtime.

Quizzes that SCALE

Can you imagine trying to run a quiz with hundreds of players? By the time—and chaos—it takes to work out everyone's score, the fun's over.

Engagewall quizzes can host thousands of participants and calculate scores in seconds. No downtime means there's more engagement, fun and learning to be had.

Engagewall used for large-scale quiz

Key Quiz Features

Highly Visual

Bring your quiz to life with images and gifs - as easy as a drag & drop.

Team Modes

Let your guests play as individuals or create their own teams.


Restrict answer times to stop the Google squads from stealing the prize.


Instant scores and leaderboards to keep players engaged.

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